Nana Aoyama

  • Birthday: 1984-08-05
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 155 cm
  • Bust: Bust: 99 cm
  • Waist: Waist: 58 cm
  • Hips: Hip: 87 cm

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About Nana Aoyama

Nana is a hot secretary in the upper offices in the mall. She works for several of the offices as part time help. She is excellent with a computer and with showing off her tight ass! She knows the looks she gets when she is working on one that she has to bend over to see. She will wear thongs on purpose just to get the guys going when she is there. She is the only girl in the offices so she is always getting hit on because she is so pretty. She has been a model for the holiday parties that the different offices have. She dresses in costumes like an elf assistant. She is so cute with her firm tits and shapley legs that she can stop a party when she crosses a room! She is hoping that she can get a modeling gig one of these days from all her clubbing. She meets lots of photogs so maybe she will be hired for a real big job. Until then, she will keep teasing the guys in the office and turning them down for dates. It is funny to see this hot chick operate when she is out to be a tease at night. She always goes home by herself though!

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Unknown DVD 1 days 14 hours 15 minutes

Horny Japanese babe just don??t know when to stop! This lovely and very horny gal enjoys her cocks in pairs so each end has something to do. She can fuck one and suck the other if she wants to! She is a real exhibitionist and would prefer to get her jollies while on stage and getting paid for it. Who can blame her? That way she gets twice the money and fucked as well. I wish her luck in her advent...

Aoyama Nana - Fascinated By Chest
Aoyama Nana - Fascinated By Chest 1 hours 53 minutes

Nice looking mature lady with soft curvy body and big tits Nana Aoyama pleases her lover, giving him a blowjob. She fills her sensuous mouth with the guyÂ's dick and deepthroats it well, and then exposes her big bubble butt, waiting for doggystyle banging, and gets her horny pussy licked and smashed incredibly hard

Aoyama Nana - Taste The Breasts
Aoyama Nana - Taste The Breasts 1 hours 58 minutes

Pretty Japanese milf Nana Aoyama can really boast of her stunning huge boobs. She likes to show them off in front of a camera, and to do some kinky cock sucking and tit fucking actions, that look simply fantastic on close-up Asian porn videos. She sucks her boyfriendÂ's cock and fondles his dick with her big tits, and then gets them covered with cumshot

Nana Aoyama 99cm I-Cup
Nana Aoyama 99cm I-Cup 24 minutes

Nana Aoyama is a hot Asian MILF who is sexy in her mini bikini. She shows off her big tits to her date and he enjoys squeezing them and playing with sex toys on her big tits. He tweaks her nipples as he is squeezing her big balloons and they are both enjoying the feeling of her tits. Nana Aoyama enjoys getting her titties felt and groped when her guy is there to do it for her!

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